“Who are our clients?”  The majority of our clients are Baby Boomers who have done well for themselves throughout their lifetime.  Many of our clients are individuals and couples who have had exceptional careers and lived eventful lives and now choose to maintain control of their independence.  Other clients have managed lifelong or recent health challenges and/or degenerative conditions with great courage and resilience.  At Aging In Place Portland each and every individual we serve is our most important client!


What do our clients want?”  Each day over 10,000 Americans become 65+.  Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Homes and Nursing Homes work for some people but institutionalized living isn’t for everyone.  Our clients want to maintain a respectable standard of living, autonomy, and personal freedom.  Our clients want dependable, In-home Short & Long-Term Care.


Where do you feel most comfortable? If your answer is, “at home”, you are not alone.  Most people prefer to Age In Place and remain in the home that they know and love. Aging In Place Portland provides proven and practical support for persons who have made the informed decision to maintain their life at home.  AIPP will support you in the maintenance of your mental and physical health and happiness.  If your goal is to continue living at home our goal is to support you in your choice of independence.

*Aging In Place Portland services clients within a 40 mile radius of downtown Portland*