Costs & Fees

Aging In Place Portland supports a $15 hour minimum living wage in Oregon for all workers. By hiring our service so do you. Thank You

Foundational Support

Weekly Social Work or Nursing Visit & follow up calls (Monthly Cost) = $196

3 Month Initial Service Subscription: $196 x 3 (Months) = $588

Support Services

Are billed separately at $25-30 per hour OR an established rate flat fee for a particular service (please contact us for exact rates which may vary based on location).  For clients requiring long-term live-in support, rates lower than $25 per hour may be established given added mutual benefit to clients & caregivers.

Clients using Support Services maintain an AIPP Support Services Account (min. balance $1250) from which contracted caregivers are paid bi-monthly.   

Currently all of our clients are private pay, fee for service. Certain Long Term Care Insurance providers may reimburse some of your expenses. AIPP is not the least expensive option for in-home care and support. We are a Best Value option.  If our service appeals to you but our cost is prohibitive we will make a no cost referral to existing Portland based services and resources that may be more affordable. Please let us know if we can help in this way.